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Review – “Saving money made simple!”

In case you’ve never heard of it before, Allied Business Network is a program designed to help people who work for or run small businesses to get great discounts on things like the big companies do! They do this by asking people to register with them so that they can contact stores on behalf of you asking for those discounts. What if there was a way to keep constantly updated information on these discounts on you all the time? Well, now that’s possible with the Biz Discounts app for iPhone and iPod Touch!

When you open up the Biz Discounts app the first thing you’ll see is a paragraph of text explaining what you’ll need to do to receive the various discounts. With some of them it as simple as giving them a number, and with others, you will have to actually go through ABN to set up an account with the company.

Just below the paragraph or so description is a list of all the places where you can get discounts through ABN. They cover all kinds of things from car rentals and office supplies, to hotels and even entertainment! Just below the name of each location that you can get a discount is a brief description of what kind of a discount that you can get.

Once you find something that looks interesting all you have to do is touch it. A new window will pop up with information on exactly how to get the discount and all the contact information that you’ll need to do it! If you want to order online, or need to set up an account to get the discount, most of the time you will be directed to a website where you can do it. The great thing is that when it takes you to a website you never actually have to leave the app because the browser is all done by a built in browser!

If you don’t have an ABN account, don’t worry, signing up is simple and free! In fact, you can do it from within this app! At the bottom of the screen is a menu bar, and the second button is the “Join ABN” button. This will open up a window with a simple form to fill out to sign up! Once you get signed up you’ll be sent an email to confirm everything and then you’re ready to go!

I would say that while most of the discounts in this app are not all that great, it does offer quite a variety of different types of discounts. Where this app really shines is in ease of use! There is nothing confusing about it, and it is very easy to quickly access the information you need and be on your way!

If you like saving money, it’s hard to go wrong with an app like this. It offers a simple no frills interface, high quantity of discounts, and plenty of information. Best of all, this app won’t cost you a dime! That’s right, this app, with all of its great money saving opportunities is absolutely free! so what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already, you should definitely check out and download the Biz Discounts app for iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s hard to go wrong with free!

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