Review – “Craig’s List made EZ!”

In the past, I had tried a couple of different free Craig’s List apps, but I got rid of all of them because they just weren’t all that easy to use. Let’s face it, Craig’s List is just too open ended to be useful on a small screen like the iPhone… until now! If you’ve been hunting for an easy to way to access Craig’s List from your iPhone or iPod Touch you should definitely take a look at CraigsEZList!

When you open this app the first thing you’ll want to do is select the area closest to you to help filter your results. To do this you just touch the button at the top of the screen, select a state, and then an area in that state that you are closest to. Once you get your location set you’re read to start searching!

First, you’ll need to select a category. To do that all you have to do is touch one of the little icons around the circle on the “Browse” screen. If you’re not sure what the little icons represent, if you touch and hold an icon it will show you want category it represents in the center. Letting go will open that category, or you can drag around the circle to look at the names of the other categories.

Once you select a category you’ll be given a list of sub-category’s to select from. Once you select a sub-category you’ll be given a list of available listings. You can easily search these listing using the search bar at the top of the screen, or do more advanced searches by touching the “filters” button in the bottom left corner of the screen.

To view any listing you just touch it. The listing view screen has a simple menu at the bottom of the screen with 4 buttons. The first button brings up buttons that allow you to reply to the poster, email the listing to a friend and change the font size to make it more readable. The next two buttons allow you to scroll forwards and backwards through your search results without leaving the item view. The final button allows you to favorite a listing so that you can easily find it later!

The best feature of this app is its simplicity. Everything just works as expected. Another thing that you’ll really appreciate is the “Preset” feature. If you have a search that you find yourself performing regularly as you search for something specific you can set that search as a “Preset.” To set a preset all you have to do is search for what you are interested in, and then touch the “Save Preset” button in the upper right corner of the screen. A screen will come up describing exactly what you searched for, and giving you an option to name your query and save it for later reference. You can then easily access it from the “Presets” screen when you open up CraigsEZList.

I could go on about how the search features work differently in all the different categories, but the fact is that if you use Craig’s List regularly, I have not found an app that is easier to use than this one. The best part is that even though it’s easy, you really don’t sacrifice powerful search features! If this sounds like something you might be interested in then what are you still waiting on?

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