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Review – “Understanding the effects of inflation made simple!”

You’ve heard your parents or grandparents talk about how they used to buy gas for $0.25 a gallon. How is that possible? Well, the answer is inflation. DimeTravel is an extremely easy to use app that will help you to understand the worth of money over time. It uses simple graphs and data on inflation over the years to help you quickly find out how the value of your money has changed!

Something I noticed that really sets this app apart from most financial apps is how efficiently this app runs! It loads almost instantly, has very smooth controls and processes information extremely quickly. It is also an extremely quick download, weighing in an just under 100kb!

The interface very slick, and is optimized well for the iPhone. At the top of the screen is a text box where you can enter an amount of money to see how much more/less it is worth at different times. Just below that, you have a bar with the different types of currency that this app supports. You can compare inflation rates of money from Australia, Germany, France, Great Britain, Japan and the United States in this version of the app (with more countries to be added in the future!).

Once you have the currency and amount set you then set the years to compare that number between. There are two ways to compare currency rates. You can either view how much an amount of money would have been worth in the past, or how much an amount of money in the past is worth now. You switch between these two modes by pressing the button on the right side of the screen in the center.

There are two graphs in the main area of the screen. The graph below shows the inflation rate changes for the period of time you have selected. The graph above that one shows the date range that you are currently using. To change that range all you have to do is select the start date or the end date and drag it wherever you want!
I’ve found this to be a great quick reference on inflation rates and currency values. The great thing is that it takes up almost no space on your phone, loads extremely quickly, and is simple enough that even a child could figure out how to operate it! If you’ve been looking for an app to compare currency values then you should definitely check out DimeTravel. It may be a little pricey at $1.99, but you won’t find a quicker or easier to use app than this one!

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