Review – “Helping people find you made easy!”

Sometimes there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to give someone directions over the phone. If you find yourself constantly trying to send and receive directions, you may want to check out easyFinder! easyFinder makes it extremely easy to send location information that can be viewed on any phone with access to Google Maps!

When you open up easyFinder the first thing you’ll see is a dialer much like the phone app. You’ll want to set things up first, and you do that by touching the little “i” button in the upper right corner. There is some basic information that will be used to generate the text that will be sent to your recipients.

Once you get everything setup it takes just a few seconds to send your coordinates to someone. You can either type in a phone number, or get one from your contacts list by touching the phonebook button on the left side of the screen.

If you want to send a message in addition to your coordinates you can either changethe “Position” message in the setup options or you can create a custom message by turning your device sideways and typing in whatever it is you want it to say. Once you’re ready all you have to do to generate the message and link is touch the “Position” button. The “to” field will be automatically filled in with whatever number you chose within the app.

While sending your coordinates will work with any phone with a web browser and access to Google Maps, the “Request” feature requires the other party to have the easyFinder app running on their device. When you choose a number and touch the “Request” button it will send that person a link that will open up easyFinder on their phone and automatically fill in your phone’s number so they can send you where they are quickly!

If you even think that this app may be something you would be interested then you should really check it out. The app is very simple to use and it worked for me without any kinks whatsoever! That combined with the fact that it’s currently free and might not stay that way make this a great time to grab it up as well!

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