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One of the most popular questions from players is how to control appliances Ravenfield and that is understandable, seeing a large variety of available equipment. And you can’t always understand yourself completely, especially considering that the game is updated and continually added some new features.

Perhaps even an experienced player will find in this article something new and useful.

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A single control

That would sits in a transport — walk up to him and press F.

As the first person is not always convenient, though more realistic, click C. This will stretch the camera and make the controls more comfortable.

This knowledge will be sufficient to control ground vehicles if you decide to use it alone.

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Equipment at multiple locations

The technique allows not only to quickly get to a certain point but also to contribute to the victory, with the right to her office.

Of course, you can on the jeep to get very quickly to the desired point, and the tank is also protected by armor, but with side shooter likely to survive much longer.

To start, take to his team of any bot, walk up to him and press G, now a bot or bots (if you click several times) will follow you.

Go to free technique,sit in the technique of pressing F.

Now buttons F1-F4, we can change its place in the art:

  • F1 – the driver’s seat;
  • F2 – Board shooter
  • F3-F4 seats.

Depending on the technique, the location of additional places may be different. For example, fashion equipment usually changes the usual parameters.

To facilitate the landing immediately to the right place, try to get into the equipment being at the right place.

To change the place maybe while your crew bots took their places.

Also noted that bots do not run the machinery (for instance, if you took the gunner seat of a tank/jeep), with the exception of aircraft, which takes off automatically when in the pilot’s seat someone sits down. But it is possible to independently control the bot technology, the next version will be fixed.

Especially aviation

The FAA differs from the control of ground vehicles.

The FAA is using the mouse movement if you hold the mouse over the surface of the Mat down, the nose equipment is lifted up and the helicopter/plane up, if you keep the mouse upwards the nose of the helicopter/plane drops and you confidently aim down.

Mouse movement right/left to change the angle.

In General flying, you do not crawl! Not one technique will be broken before you learn control.

Anti-aircraft with homing missiles (HYDRA, SCALPEL) beach aviation.

For the prevention of fire back in flight flares by pressing X. Traps knock the sight launched missiles, start astral in the danger zone, as in time to see the missile anti-aircraft complex, time not everyone. The traps are endless, but they have a cooldown.

It was the basic skills how to operate machinery Ravenfield if something was forgotten or changed/added in new versions of the game, write about it in the comments. This will help other players!

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